Zedtown: Last Haven
/ SCG Allianz Stadium Sydney 9 December


Zedtown: Last Haven

Two massive stadiums. Miles of hidden tunnels. The biggest Zedtown ever!

That was the story when Zedtown took over the Sydney Cricket Ground & Allianz Stadium precinct at Moore Park in a battle to survive the apocalypse.

The game is simple. Survivors fight their way through the horde, battling through dark tunnels, up crowded grandstands, down hidden staircases, and across treacherous fields.

When survivors become infected by the zombie virus they’ll turn to the living-dead, and will need to use their knowledge of the 500,000 sq metre battle zone to tag the most humans.

About Zedtown

ZEDTOWN is a 3-hour event where Colour Run meets Call of Duty.

In this immersive game of Survivors vs Zombies hundreds of players, armed only with their NERF blasters, battle to make it to the final stand in a post-apocalypse-themed adventure.

Zedtown uses cinematic storylines, innovative technology, and captivating story-telling skills to deeply immerse thousands of people at a time.

Everyone starts as a Survivor. Unique characters give you quests during the game, a call-in radio station gives tips and an app tracks your achievements. Work with your squad to make it to the final stand and be the hero of your own story.

When you’re tagged by a Zombie, you become one too, and there’s only one thing you want to do:
Hunt for the most braaaaains.

The more you explore, the further you venture into the game and the more you will discover.