1. May


TEG Dainty and TEG Live are delighted to announce that the final amount raised by FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA (#FireFightAustralia) surpassed $10.7 million, with more than $1.2 million in additional funds coming in since the historic sold-out concert at ANZ Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park on February 16.

The money raised is helping Australian rural and regional communities with short, medium and long-term recovery from the worst bushfire season in living memory. The $10.7 million was divided as follows:

• All concert profits including merchandise sales – totalling $7.2 million – were split between key organisations providing vital Rescue, Relief & Recovery, Rehabilitation and Rebuilding, as follows:

o RESCUE: Rural and regional fire & rescue services in affected states;
o RELIEF & RECOVERY: Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery;
o REHABILITATION: RSPCA Bushfire Appeal; and
o REBUILDING: The BizRebuild program.

• All donations made through, or as Corporate Donations, during the telecast – totalling $3.4 million – go directly to the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal’s FIRE FIGHT FUND to ensure local community groups can access support throughout their recovery journey, when the time is right for them.

• All donations collected at ANZ Stadium during the event – totalling $5,900 went to the RSPCA Bushfire Appeal.

• In addition, all profits raised from the auction of Fender guitars and merchandise signed by FIRE FIGHT artists – totalling $20,100 – went to the RSPCA Bushfire appeal.

Geoff Jones, CEO of TEG, said: “On behalf of my colleagues Paul Dainty and Tim McGregor, we are all thrilled that the final total raised by FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA hit $10.7 million thanks to an additional $1.2 million coming in since we hit $9.5 million on the day of the concert. Special thanks are due to our broadcast partners Seven and Foxtel, who helped us achieve this great result.

“From all of us at TEG, I also send our deepest thanks to everyone who supported FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA by buying tickets, merchandise, food and drink and by making donations. The money you have raised is helping rural and regional Australian communities that are still on the long road to recovery from the devastating bushfire season of 2019/20. As we face another huge challenge for our country with the coronavirus, it is a great reminder of the Australian spirit that always shines through when we face tough times together.

“Once again, our huge thanks go to the 23 Acts and the 1,500 suppliers and volunteers who helped ensure that we were all able to achieve this result by providing their services.”