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Exceptional customer
insights and data analytics

TEG Analytics is one of Australia’s leading data analytics and data science businesses.

Encompassing the passions and personality of millions of Australians, TEG data is Australia’s richest affinity dataset with data points spanning sports, music, arts, culture and family entertainment. It is culturally attuned to lifestyle choices but also reflects the value of discretionary spend. And with a similar data scale to Facebook and Google in Australia, the TEG data set provides significant reach even when combining cultural and transactional data. All this makes TEG Analytics truly unique in Australia’s data landscape.

The richest affinity data set in Australia.

TEG Analytics works with brands, advertisers and publishers to unlock the value of their data through data enrichment, segmentation and modelling. The scale and quality of TEG data allows for advanced segmentation, predictive analysis and unique customer insights, with innovative solutions including Genome Live™ customer attribute analysis, and LIFE Segments™, TEG’s proprietary behavioural, psychographic customer segmentation for the Australian market.

Areas of expertise include:

• CRM matching and augmentation for customer retention
• Data analytics and predictive modelling
• Artificial intelligence and Deep learning
• Natural language processing and analysis
• Data driven customer acquisition
• Audience design and media planning for greater ROI
• Technology Skills across – Adobe, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Tableau