TEG Insights is a successful market research businesses in Asia Pacific, integrating one of Australia’s most responsive consumer panels with rich behavioural insight and market research expertise.

TEG Insights leverages innovations and technologies to establish a new standard in consumer research and segmentation, empowering market research and clients with more data in more ways.

Formerly TEG Rewards, TEG Insights was established in 2007, and over the past decade has built a wealth of operational experience and market knowledge.

The continued success of TEG Insights is based on integrity and passion to ensure the best outcomes for its Clients and Members alike.

The Purkle membership program has over 1 million members.

With over 1 million members across Australia and New Zealand, the Purkle membership program provides rewards for participants. Members are recruited through a unique mix of sources using a broad range of media channels and partnerships.

Resourceful, agile and energetic, TEG Insights’ experts continuously seek opportunities for continuous improvement and innovative solutions.

TEG Insights’ innovative new offering Dopplerâ„¢ utilises research and first-party data to identify audiences using spend, lifestyle, geographic and demographic characteristics to accurately replicate research cohorts in a digital form.

Using this method, advertisers can target audiences based on motivation, intent, attitude and awareness, along with the usual attributes like age, gender, location and behaviour. When combined with TEG’s data set of 16m, these attributes create audience scale appropriate for many advertisers to digitally target across content, social platforms and connected TV.



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