Personalisation at Scale Triples Sales Conversions for Ticketek Clients

Ticketek has completed the roll out of a new personalised, dynamic marketing platform throughout its six country markets, creating a single customer view of the 30 million+ customers in its database across multiple marketing channels and in turn boosting ticket sales for clients.

Building on Ticketek’s in-depth analytics, customer data, and data science capabilities, the new platform has already delivered a 3.1x increase in sales conversions from Ticketek’s weekly email newsletter and a 22% increase in average organic marketing campaign ticket sales.

Cameron Hoy, Managing Director of Ticketek, said: “This is personalisation at scale driven by the combination of our data assets, which include 300 individual data points per customer, and our ongoing investment in world leading marketing technology.

Hoy added: “Ticketek’s new platform has opened additional channels for customer discovery and outreach which, combined with its dynamic machine learning features, have significantly increased the engagement and response from Ticketek’s core event marketing activity.”

Ticketek has built its own single user view on the platform, including customer profile, transaction history, event attendance, marketing engagement, device and website behaviour and customer service interaction. Over 300 attributes are available for each user with rich customer scoring and segmentation applied to each, including event and genre engagement scores and travel propensity.

Ticketek’s marketing team can use this to create segments or triggers to activation on a wide range of tactical marketing campaigns including Email, SMS, Web Push, App Push, On Site Personalisation and web hooks to drive paid campaigns across Social, Programmatic, and other channels.

The platform’s machine learning features include Intelligent Timing (which pushes campaigns to users when they are most likely to respond) and Intelligent Channels (which optimises to the channels a user is most likely to respond to).

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