TEG and Havas Sports & Entertainment to connect brands with consumer passion points

TEG has announced an exclusive new partnership with global marketing agency, Havas Sports & Entertainment to connect brands with consumer passion points.

The collaboration will provide marketers with unprecedented insight into where their target audiences are spending their money within the world of sports and entertainment, including music, film, TV and the arts and allow them to more accurately align their marketing dollars to tap into these consumer passions.

The new strategic partnership will market Genome Live™, TEG Analytics’ customer attribute analyser that has mapped the entertainment preferences of more than 12 million Australians in a data science project of significant scale and insight. Extensive consumer insights through data matching, audience definitions and customer profiling and analysis will dovetail with HSE’s core expertise of building meaningful brands through experiences, giving brands a dynamic view of how to best engage their target audiences.

TEG CEO Geoff Jones said the new partnership would make Genome Live™ more valuable to marketers in the global push towards customer intelligence and engagement.

“Data is now at the epicentre of marketing and that’s why our Genome Live™ product is such an exciting development for marketers and brands across the spectrum. It provides a unique insight to what excites, engages and motivates consumer behaviour and choices,” said Jones.

“HSE brings the same passion to this work as we do. TEG’s data science and HSE’s deep engagement with leading brands makes for a great collaboration,” said Jones.

Francis Coady, General Manager of Havas Sports & Entertainment said the powerful insights of Genome Live™ would help direct marketers’ focus on where they spend their budgets across sponsorship, marcoms and media.

“We are really excited to be partnering with one of the most powerful data analytics companies across ANZ. Through access to Genome Live™, we will be able to give brands and rights-holders exact information on where customers are focusing their spending across the entire sport and entertainment landscape and give them the capability to adapt their marketing strategy to best engage these individuals” said Coady.

While the Genome Live™ data science is based on the sports and entertainment sectors, TEG Analytics is undertaking targeted work on customer behaviour in several other sectors, including retail, finance, auto and travel.

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