TEG and the Rockefeller Company of New York create new joint venture

TEG is delighted to announce a new strategic global partnership and joint venture with The Rockefeller Company of New York: TEG Rockefeller.

The Rockefeller Company of New York creates film, animation and live family entertainment theatre shows based on much-loved children’s books and movies. Its Rockefeller Productions subsidiary, founded in 2014, has a host of productions including The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show, the number one children’s show in the world (with 14 productions on four continents), Paddington Gets in a Jam, and the highly anticipated Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation, which opens in New York City this October.

TEG Rockefeller will expand market reach for both TEG and Rockefeller Productions, and allow TEG’s broad suite of experiential family content to be promoted in the United States and elsewhere by the Rockefeller Productions team, headed by its co-founder Jonathan Rockefeller. Jonathan and co-founder Wilson Rockefeller will work with TEG Live Managing Director Tim McGregor, continuing to innovate and blaze new trails in the theatrical, experiential and live sectors.

TEG Rockefeller unveiled its first project earlier this week: Pixar Putt (the 18-hole pop-up mini golf course designed by TEG’s Life Like Touring) opens in Manhattan at the beginning of August with Rockefeller Productions as the United States promoter.

TEG CEO Geoff Jones said: “The Rockefellers have created a unique business with a great track record delivering brilliant and innovative productions that have delighted families the world over. We welcome Jonathan, Wilson and their team to the TEG family and look forward to continuing their success under the TEG Rockefeller banner.”

Jonathan Rockefeller, CEO and Creative Director of Rockefeller Productions, said: “We’ve always focused on bringing quality entertainment to people everywhere in the world – from Sydney to Shanghai, from London to Los Angeles – introducing the next generation of audience members to an exciting new world. Our work is designed to be universal. We’re very pleased to be working alongside TEG to bring some great existing projects like Pixar Putt to a broader audience and begin new and wonderful projects together. There is a great future ahead for both companies working alongside each other.”

Wilson Rockefeller, Director of Business Affairs for Rockefeller Productions, added: “Rockefeller was established as the anthesis to an antiquated and broken Broadway and Studio systems of ‘that is how it has always been done’. I believe our successes over a short period of time have confirmed our innovative approach. With TEG, our new partnership will continue to embrace the new as we move from strength to strength. We at Rockefeller could not be more delighted at the prospect.” 

To buy tickets to Pixar Putt in the United States visit PixarPutt.com.

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