TEG launches Passive Metering with Wakoopa

The partnership will deliver a powerful new behavioural data and insights capability to Australian brands and agencies.

Passive Metering technology constantly tracks consumer behaviours across multiple devices and provides deep insights to interaction with selected brands, products and services.

TEG CEO Geoff Jones said the partnership with the Dutch multinational Wakoopa would reinforce TEG Rewards’ position as Australia’s market-leading online research panel and insights provider.

“Passive Metering is the cutting edge of consumer behaviour research and we are proud to deliver Wakoopa’s technology into the Australian market for the first time,” said Jones.

“The partnership is a great mix of Wakoopa’s smart technology and TEG Rewards’ expertise and agility.

“Marketing is a data-driven story in these times of rapid technological change and disruption. I am delighted that this partnership will see TEG Rewards remain ahead of the curve.”

Managing Director of Wakoopa Simon van Duivenvoorde said: “We are thrilled to partner up with TEG Rewards to bring our Passive Metering technology to Australia. We are looking forward to unlocking consumers’ online behaviour and helping brands inform important business decisions with behavioural data.”

TEG Rewards conducts its consumer research via Purkle, a rewards-based program with over 1 million members across Australia and New Zealand.

This huge membership gives TEG Rewards the scale and flexibility to cover all demographic segments and produce reliable consumer-driven insights and data. The results empower TEG Rewards’ clients to make informed decisions on marketing, brand and growth strategies.

TEG Rewards provides its clients with access to consumers for market segmentation, behavioural data and insight generation.

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