TEG Rewards rebrands as TEG Insights

TEG is delighted to announce that its online research business TEG Rewards will rebrand as TEG Insights. The change reflects the rapidly evolving research market, new technologies, new data sets and a closer working relationship with TEG Analytics and TEG Digital.

“The rebrand to TEG Insights is the final piece in TEG’s strategy to activate the insights drawn from Australia’s largest consumer research panel of 1 million people and to integrate with our powerful data analytics and digital marketing capabilities,” said TEG CEO Geoff Jones.

TEG Rewards was established in 2007 and has built a market-leading position in operational experience and consumer insights. In the past decade, 2.4 million people have taken part in consumer panels that form the backbone of the research and insights effort. In return for their participation, the members have shared rewards worth over $10 million.

There have been more than 10,000 campaigns and hundreds of clients in the life of the business, driven by more than 320 million emails to harvest insights on a vast array of products and services. Geoff Jones said it is the right time to rebrand given the enormous changes in the industry and within the TEG business.

“The consumer panels and surveys remain the bedrock of the insights business, but the way we are augmenting these insights with other, larger data sets means the term ‘research’ is changing rapidly,” said Jones.

“TEG Insights is now at the heart of a dynamic group of businesses leveraging advanced technologies across ticketing, live entertainment, data and digital.”

In conjunction with the rebrand, Andrew Reid will take responsibility for  TEG Insights in addition to his position as General Manager, TEG Analytics.

The new website www.teginsights.com is live now.

Jones said TEG’s powerful combination of insights, data analytics and digital marketing is unrivalled in the Asia Pacific region.

TEG Analytics is one of Australia’s leading data analytical and data science businesses with one of the largest customer databases in Australia and more than 14 million customer records. TEG Analytics understands the passions and motivations of almost every adult consumer in the market.

TEG Digital is a dynamic e-commerce business powered by advanced data driven solutions, drawing on the insights and analytics from millions of records and over 230 re-targeting campaigns.

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